Petrophysical Consulting Services

Our scientists are devoted to bringing the most oil and gas out of your reservoirs through detailed analysis of your site and a deep understanding of how rocks and fluids function together.


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Petrophysical Analysis

Petrophysicists manipulate well log curves which adds to the well log interpretation.  Through this evaluation, we create an enhanced reservoir and geologic interpretation adding detail to prospects and field evaluations.  Petrophysical evaluations are necessary to eliminate sources of error to further de-risk projects.

The petrophysicists at Legacy Oil are frequently involved in exploration and development projects, we have experience in a wide range of geological settings.  Tight formations, shale gas, (fractured) carbonates and chalks are our specialties. Our experts develop reservoir models for a deeper understanding of the subsurface, leading to informed well placement, reserve estimation and production planning. Models are based on quantatative log evaluation, field measurements, seismic surveys and production history.

Legacy Oil can help you obtain reliable reservoir modeling.  To determine successful hydrocarbon exploration our petrophysical services use quantatative log evaluation with core integration.  All essential available geological information such as sedimentology, facies, burial history, diagnosis and mineralogy are integrated into the workflow, allowing our petrophysicists to provide you with the most accurate evaluations possible. 

Legacy Oil will provide you with a detailed interpretation of all the studies made and the data available.  Results from other petrophysical and geological studies will be included and integrated into this report. Contact us to find out more about our petrophysical services.

Oil Petropyhsics


Petrophysical Interpretation

  • Well Log Interpretation
  • Log Analysis
  • Complex Lithology
  • Water Saturation
  • Porosity
  • Permeability
  • Clay/Shale Volume
  • Pore Pressure
  • Hydrocarbon Pore Volume Maps
  • Borehole Image Interpretation
  • Net Sand Maps
  • Sand Shale Analysis
  • Inputs to Hydraulic Stimulation Modeling