Legacy Oil Investments

Legacy has built an all-star team, consisting of Geologists, Geophysicists, Petrophysicists, Drilling Engineers, Operational Engineers, and Financial Analysts.  Additionally we have Senior Advisors acting as a board of directors.

Improve the Return on Investment and Rate of Return from Oil and Gas Properties and Working interests of Clients

Oil Field Exploration - IHS estimates that approximately 14 Billion barrels of oil have been recovered from Oklahoma, and another 16-18 MMBO is recoverable

We have constructed an experienced team including Land, Engineering, Geological, IT, and Management that can be placed quickly to develop and step into areas of quality acquisition potential. We are looking at the highest ROI Areas (Permian - Delaware Basins in addition to areas that are not currently on highly active radar).  These AOI's are continually under review as well as other oil and gas prospects.

Legacy Oil Investments is concentrating on unsaturated AOI’s (Permian Proper, Stack, Merge & Scoop Proper), however these areas are not off limits to our centralization, we will also evaluate properties in these areas. Legacy’s focus will be on areas that are not the flavor of the day. 


Target Reservoir Type Curve

The team environment  works on specific projects and sub-projects, consisting of core analysis by Petrophysicists in conjunction with Senior Geologists and Senior Engineers to make oil and gas play & economic investment decisions with a focus on:

1.  Low to Moderate Risk
2.  Reservoir properties
3.  Financial Rate of Return of 35% or greater
4.  Price Deck of fluctuating strip prices with a base at $55/BO & $2.25mcf

We look strongly at 30-60-90-120 boepd rates and valuation, with a targeted 18 month full pay out per well.

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Seeking to acquire more income producing properties

We are excited about the additional reservoirs under review that come back into play with new evaluation methods and tools, generation 5 completion methods, and efficient drilling techniques.

Are you looking to sell an oil property in our Areas of Interest?  If so, get in touch with Legacy Oil Investments to see what we can do for you.