Oil Field Management

Legacy will manage current fields for clients.   It is important to know the level of client involvment to obtain history of the field, well conditions, and any secondary recovery attempts.   Our team can often bring new ideas to the field in addition to new technology.

We will work with current field crews and pumpers or supply them to the client.


Improve the Return on Investment and Rate of Return from Oil and Gas Properties and Working interests of Clients

Lease Operating Expenses

Field Analysis & Operations

  • Experienced Field Personnel
  • Compression
  • Workovers
  • Disposal Wells, location of commercial and drilling/converting marginal producing wells into disposal wells
  • Site facility maintenance
  • Compressors

Oil Field Acquisition

Cost Savings

  • Decrease workovers and make a development plan that increases the value of the HBP properties
  • Combine consultants tighten up expense to earnings ratio
  • Power and fuel adjustments
  • Optimize Chemical programs
  • Reduce LOE and move forward with economic field expenses.

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