Engineering Evaluation & Management of Oil Properties

The engineering group at Legacy Oil can be broken into multiple disciplines and areas.  During an acquisition analysis the engineering department will evaluate the reserves in the area and build an independent Type Curve to the Package Model or depending on the footprint we will develop models associated by reservoir and area.  This model with the associated upside should give us the economic value today.

Improve the Return on Investment and Rate of Return from Oil and Gas Properties and Working interests of Clients

Geological Engineering Services

The scientific & management teams at Legacy Oil holds the value and science of the reservoir rock to be the most important variable in oil and gas extraction.   The engineering team, working in association with the geological team, will determine the economic viability of the area of interest.

Reservoir Analysis must meet a diverse set of risk and performance profiles, our models assess the entire portfolio which provides a strong balance of ownership positions across a variety of conventional geological plays. From shallow to ultra-deep vertical and horizontal exploration & development programs, both which can feature multiple formations and/or multi-stage completion and fracturing programs, our participation generally takes us into proven areas with decades of active drilling and production history.

Lateral length, frac cluster spacing, type of frac lateral length and frac type will be determined by our engineers.   Additionally, how off-setting operators wells are performing.

Additionally, how much Net Mineral Acres (NMA) are available in the play, Oil or Gas quality and infrastructure on the surface to get hydrocarbons to market.

Depth to pay zones and depth restrictions.   Finding fee algorithms associated with risk.   And drilling schedule if we pursue an area. 

Texas Oil Rig

Engineering Groups and Services

  • Well Planning for Drilling, Completion, Production and Workovers
  • In House Engineering Personnel
  • Preparation and Cost Analysis
  • Post Well Reviews
  • State and Federal Regulatory Compliance
  • Expert Testimony
  • HSE (Health Safety and Environmental)
  • EMT (Emergency Management Team)
  • Deep High Pressure Drilling, Completion and Production
  • Underbalanced Drilling
  • Horizontal and High Angle Drilling
  • Air, Gas and Foam Drilling and Completions
  • Coiled Tubing Applications
  • Stimulation including Acidizing and Fracturing

Oil Engineers

Engineering Supervisors Provided

•Drilling Supervisors
•Completion, Stimulation and Workover Supervisors
•Safety Supervisors
•Site Preparation, Construction Supervisors
•Production Supervisors
•Facilities Supervisors

Note: We communicate with rig using Pason, Scientific Drilling, and Mud-Logging contractors, although we do not have in-house mud logging for Horizontal  & vertical Programs, Legacy has a long standing relationship with some of the best Mud-loggers in the business.