Geological Consulting Services

Our geologists have extensive experience in hydrocarbon basins to help our clients qualify and quantify their reservoirs.

Improve the Return on Investment and Rate of Return from Oil and Gas Properties and Working interests of Clients

Geological Expertise

Legacy Oil geologists draw from several different scientific disciplines to determine what resources are available subsurface and the best way to extract these resources.  We provide assessments and advice to minimize clients risk, cut their costs, and reduce timeframes.

We will examine the structural and sedimentary properties of the rock to determine the likelihood of petroleum and the best place for drilling.  Evaluations of geophysical surveys, seismic data, geomodeling and many other tools are used in this process to help us find this information.  Our team uses software suites including the Petra/SMT for geological assessment, and multiple land and engineering software platforms working in collusion with each entity or team to keep a lean and quick acquisitions strategy.

Legacy Oil contract geologist will also help you get as much oil and  gas out of your wells as possible after drilling has begun.  We continue to monitor the reserve and identify any risks or faults that may occur.
Mid-con heat map plays

Contract Geologist

Here are some of the benefits of contracting a Legacy Oil geologist:

  • Avoid taking on direct-employment related risks.
  • Save time on overheads relating to having to interview new staff and the trial-and-error of performance reviews with new geologists.
  • Scale up or down personnel requirements at short notice to meet changing operational demands.  Ability to stop an engagement if an unplanned events occurs.
  • Avoid overhead related with payroll and administrative paperwork. Get detailed accountability reporting with our invoices for work done which includes comprehensive timesheets detailing time spent and jobs carried out by each of our personnel.
  • Stop worrying about overheads related to safety, medical, work gear, and equipment, this is taken care of throughout our contracting services.
  • Legacy Oil understands the contracting market. Our high-quality geological contracting services are fairly priced and we always go the extra mile.

We take great pride adding value to each project we work on, whether it is a core logging job or resource estimation work.

Oil Geology

Geological Services

  • Mapping Structural/Stratigraphic
  • Mapping Curvature,  Phi-H Calculation and Mapping
  • Map to Map calculations
  • LAS/Raster Cross sections
  • Hydrocarbon Phase Window Mapping
  • AOI for Lease Acquisition
  • Horizontal AFE
  • Horizontal GeoProg
  • Board Book Presentations
  • Field Sample analysis
  • Microscope – Samples can be photographed
  • Fluoroscope
  • Sample collection
  • Sample analysis and report