Legacy Oil Investments is a privately held company with 20 plus years in the oil and gas business.   We evaluate oil and gas properties for acquisition divestiture, field analysis, development, and upside exploration.

Our motto is "Investment Decisions in high grade oil and gas assets will  be lucrative under most economic models, we are bullish on the oil market over the next few years.   Sustained, quality production is imperative with today's fluctuating oil prices, which requires extensive analysis of data and due diligence."

About Legacy

A full Geological Field Appraisal is used to give you the best interpretation of the data for your oil and gas reservoirs.  We work with you to evaluate your field and gather all the information to assist you in field management.  Legacy will get your wells in compliance, while getting them to produce to the best of their abilities.

Geological Field Appraisals

Designed for investors who want to evaluate specific criteria in oil and gas opportunities before investing.  We provide unbiased evaluations that provide you with the merits and risk factors of the potential investment property.

Investment Evaluation

OIL & GAS Investing

Today's investments are frequently low yield, leaving high net worth investors looking outside the mainstream for higher return opportunities.  This is where oil and gas investing comes into play with the opportunities for long-term passive income, tax benefits, portfolio diversification  and high return on investment (ROI) potential.

Oil demand in the United States is at an all time high, we are exporting natural gas liquids, geopolitical situations in the Middle East are not extremely stable. These factors in combination with new technologies creates an opportunity for extended financial gain. 

The risks of investing in oil and gas are moderate to low due to the newer technologies and better understanding of tight rock reservoirs.

Now is an EXCELLENT TIME to start investing in oil and gas.

Improve the Return on Investment and Rate of Return from Oil and Gas Properties and Working interests of Clients

Oil & Gas Areas of Interest

Legacy Oil Investments acquires both producing and non-producing assets in the pursuit of new production and field discoveries. There is a significant amount of drilling in the current popular sites of oil production.  Our areas of interest are not only these areas, but basin margin areas that have the potential of some of the current Resource Plays.   The footprint may not be county wide, but the rock is high quality, with  multi-phase hydrocarbon windows with natural gas liquids and oil.

Areas of Interest